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We combine cutting-edge technologies

to develop complex projects. By utilizing the latest tools, we significantly reduce the time required to build web and mobile applications.

  • Hosting solution #1 performance and security on Google's servers
  • Professional and intuitive design
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • We guarantee lifetime project stability and data safety

By adopting a serverless approach with Firebase from Google, your applications benefit from enhanced security, mitigating the vulnerabilities commonly found in traditional server setups.


Manage your database with a spreadsheet UI and build powerful backend cloud functions in your browser.


Flutter, an open-source framework developed by Google, empowers developers to create visually stunning, natively compiled, and versatile applications across multiple platforms using a unified codebase. It emphasizes speed, productivity, and flexibility.


Create dynamic websites with Bootstrap. It's a powerful frontend toolkit that offers flexibility, extensive features, and easy customization. Utilize components, and JavaScript plugins to bring your projects to life.

Benefits of working with us

In addition to our awesomeness, here are some areas where we truly excel:

Hosted on Google’s servers your website is impenetrable to external attacks. We do not use "open-source" code like Wordpress or another CMS whose updates are mainly aimed at fixing security problems, but also causes compatibility problems with associated modules.
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Deliver your content fast, each file is cached on SSDs at edges around the world. No matter where your users are, the content is delivered fast. Keep in mind that your visitors don't wait more than few seconds for the content to load before closing the page.
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With a professional look your website is optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop. Your visitors will say "Wow" from the first seconds. Our intuitive ergonomics generate traffic and sales.

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Agencies have high structural costs. To remain competitive, they often use CMS that they adapt to the needs of the user. Our team is young, fast, using the latest technology, and whose company is located in an offshore area to allow you to access the lowest price. We offers you a monthly payment that includes everything you need, from hosting to marketing, including design and development.

We guarantee lifetime project stability and data safety. Our experts are trained to the latest technologies and continue to maintain the top level to ensure the best service at the best price. We remain attentive to our customers, before, during and after, for your satisfaction.

Pricing plans

Select a service plan that best suits your business needs

  Classic CMS CRM
Hosting Monthly fee 25€ 35€ 35€
Encryption SSL
Google Analytics
CMS Features
Admin panel access
Upload / edit content
Blog / Gallery / Product
CRM Features
Secure Authentication
Access restrictions rules
Extra features Integrations
API integrations
Priority support
Base Price 350€ 900€ 1500€
  Get started Classic Get started CMS Get started CRM

Additional Extentions
and API to connect

With "code find," you have the ability to integrate any plugin, API, or even custom-made features. We develop the tools tailored to your business needs, offering limitless options. Contact us for a quotation and let us bring your ideas to life.

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